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Title ID Type Uploaded by Category Public Comments Actions
TURN ON (recognizer) #55Lua codestefan intention recognizerYes 2
ARE YOU ON recognizer #62Lua codestefan intention recognizerYes 0
TURN OFF (recognizer) #56Lua codestefan intention recognizerYes 0
LINE NOT UNDERSTOOD #60Documentstefan intentionsYes 0
I AM OFF #59Documentstefan intentionsYes 2
I AM ON #58Documentstefan intentionsYes 2
ARE YOU ON #57Documentstefan intentionsYes 0
TURN ON #53Documentstefan intentionsYes 0
TURN OFF #54Documentstefan intentionsYes 0
Image creation test #48Lua code - Imagestefan Tests / TutorialsYes 0 home page hit counter #47Objectstefan countersYes 0
reverse #42Lua codestefan text transformationsYes 2
dkjson #44Source filestefan Yes 2
copy src to href (test case) #40Lua code - Test casestefan Yes 0
copy attributes around in HTML sources #41Lua codestefan Yes 0
Test case for reverse #43Lua code - Test casestefan text transformationsYes 0
Eliza, your virtual psychiatrist #30Lua code - Chat-botstefan botsYes 0
Test chat-bot personality. Asks for user name and then says Hi with name. #27Lua codestefan personalitiesYes 0
Test case for PN calculator #38Lua code - Test casestefan Yes 2
PN Math Evaluator #37Lua codestefan Yes 0
Endless loop in load() #39Lua codestefan bug testsYes 0
Replace command handler #36Lua codestefan toolsYes 0
Guesser (early version) #31Lua codestefan Yes 0
Escape HTML entities #35Lua codestefan toolsYes 2
TinyBrain FAQ #33Documentstefan documentsYes 0
A test for "load" (Lua's version of eval) #32Lua codestefan testsYes 0
Writing chat-bots in Lua #28Documentstefan documentsYes 3
Endless loop #29Lua codestefan Yes 2
Test personality for TinyBrain #26Lua codestefan personalitiesYes 2
Result/no-result (Solving strategy) #21Task descriptionstefan strategiesYes 2
Calculator solution #17Lua codestefan calculatorYes 0
Lua-based calculator #15TB solution treestefan calculatorYes 0
A simple calculator (with Lua-based solution) #9TB test casestefan calculatorYes 2
Calculator examples #8TB declarationsstefan calculatorYes 0
Upload source file to TinyBrain #10Task descriptionstefan Yes 0
Java lexing (level 1) - test case #2TB test casestefan Yes 0
tb/ #12Source filestefan Yes 0
tb/ #13Source filestefan Yes 0
tb/ #14Source filestefan Yes 0

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