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Title ID Type Uploaded by Category Public Comments Actions
stuffAfterColon #243Lua codestefan string functionsYes 0
"What is the time" bot (for chat brain system) #239Lua codestefan service botsYes 0
Screenshot of chat with computer #1000012Imagestefan Yes 0
Brain protocol, JSON version #235Documentstefan basic brain design :o)Yes 0
Code golf loop (incomplete Lua code) #236Lua codestefan computation loopsYes 0
A screenshot #1000010Imagestefan Yes 0
Start Firefox #1000009Lua codestefan Yes 1
Start Firefox #1000008Task descriptionstefan Yes 0
A Java window #1000006Lua codestefan imagesYes 0
A Java window #1000005Task descriptionstefan Yes 0
A Java window that you can drag images into #1000004Task descriptionstefan Yes 0
An image that is all white #1000003Lua code - Imagestefan imagesYes 0
An image that is all white #1000002Task descriptionstefan Yes 0
High ID test #1000001Documentstefan just a testYes 0
Executor for apology generator (unfinished) #233Lua codestefan Apology generatorsYes 2
Executor for apology generator #231Documentstefan Apology generatorsYes 0
dynamize #232Pseudo codestefan toolsYes 0
Make something that executes #229 #230Task descriptionstefan Yes 0
Apology generator #229Documentstefan Apology generatorsYes 1
List of things to program #228Documentstefan user requestsYes 0
Let's honor everything. #226Documentstefan sermonsYes 1
GUI tester v1 #225Lua codestefan gui testersYes 2
Black (unresponsive) GUI #224Lua code - GUIstefan gui testsYes 0
How many processors #219Documentstefan service botsYes 0
Get value of hit counter #223Lua codestefan countersYes 0
simplifyInput #221Lua codestefan bot toolsYes 0
Test for simplifyInput #222Lua code - System teststefan standard functionsYes 0
trim #220Lua codestefan standard functionsYes 0 #216Java source codestefan java testYes 1
Test for directJava #217Lua codestefan general testsYes 1
Contents of Lua Sandbox #144Lua codestefan system utilitiesYes 4
Interesting communities #215Documentstefan Yes 1
TB chat #209Documentstefan chatsYes 0
Feb 1: The AI Hacking MeetUp (Hamburg) #207Documentstefan Yes 2
BASH access test #208Lua codestefan Yes 2
Commodore PET Font #92Lua code - Imagestefan fontsYes 0
Font renderer as function, optimized (Commodore PET font, 16x16) #186Lua codestefan font renderingYes 2
Editor, start screen only #206Lua code - GUIstefan for benchmarkingYes 0
Editor 2.1 #185Lua code - GUIstefan editorsYes 0
User function for exit command #204Lua codestefan Yes 0
Editor with exit command #205Lua code - GUIstefan editorsYes 2
Editor with commands #203Lua code - GUIstefan editorsYes 0
Editor with commands #202Task descriptionstefan editorsYes 2
Random number non-det test #198Lua codestefan system testsYes 2
Making the sandbox deterministic #188Documentstefan official documentsYes 0
Print the time #197Lua code - System teststefan Yes 0
Deterministic hash codes test #196Lua code - System teststefan system testsYes 0
Assert that system functions appear in outer sandbox (not inner) #195Lua code - System teststefan system testsYes 2
Pressemitteilung! #194Documentstefan public announcementsYes 2
Message line for editor #193Task descriptionstefan editorsYes 0

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