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Title ID Type Uploaded by Category Public Comments Actions
MultiSet - now synchronized #1000988JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
MultiSetMap - synchronized MultiMap with a Set as value structure #1024456JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
MultiMap - synchronized multi-map data structure (Key => L<Value>) #1001296JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
pairsSortedByFunctionOnB #1036556JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
stringWidth #1036555JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
G22FindSimilarMasksTask #1036033JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / gazelle 22Yes 0
filterPairA - filter pairs according to predicate on a #1026685JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
drawAll #1036554JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
getSingleton - assert a list/array has exactly one element and get it #1005176JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
IMultiSet - interface to MultiSet #1031874JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
l function (synonym of length), length of arrays, strings, lists, size of maps #1001518JavaX fragment (include)stefan Yes 0
IG22MasksHolder - interface to masks holders #1035852JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / gazelle 22Yes 0
G22CriticalPixelSearch - find best pixel to split list of masks at #1035858JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / gazelle 22Yes 0
filterPairB - filter pairs according to predicate on b #1023844JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
rotateImage - rotate image into a new image just big enough to fit, with transparent background #1036553JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / imagingYes 0
toBWImage - extended synonym of toBW #1014995JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / imagingYes 0
G22DataWrangler #1035748JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
g22_brightRegions #1036552JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / imagingYes 0
yellow #1036551JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
drawTextWithOutline #1007349JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / guiYes 0
first function #1000628JavaX fragment (include)stefan Yes 2
Gazelle 22 Flags + Libs [Include] #1034876JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / gazelle 22Yes 0
G22JavaObjectVisualizer #1034494JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / gazelle 22Yes 0
intersperseF - add a function result between each two elements #1036550JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
G22HashedMasks - G22MasksHolder plus a hashmap to find identical masks #1035850JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
singleton - singleton list #1036549JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
G22DatabasesPanel #1034288JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / gazelle vYes 0
gazAICredentialsFromJavaXSecret #1036548JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / gazelle 22Yes 0
ConvertLASToJava - not an exact conversion, but returns a template for porting a left-arrow script to Java #1035179JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / gazelle 22Yes 0
spaceToPercent20 #1036547JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
GazelleHost + Stem [dev] #1033891JavaX (incomplete)stefan javax / gazelle 22Yes 0
G22MasterStuff - global (inter-project) functions in a Gazelle process #1034301JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / gazelle vYes 0
uniquifyInPlace - remove duplicates from list in-place #1036546JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
AbstractFastRegions_ShuffledScan - go through pixels in randomized order to find biggest regions first #1036544JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / imagingYes 0
AbstractFastRegions #1034520JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / imagingYes 0
g22standardRegionToMaskImage #1036060JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
hmsWithColonsAndMS - hour, minute, second, milliseconds in "hh:mm:ss:msm" #1007144JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
IImageRegion - irregular region of an image (set of pixels) #1033952JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / imagingYes 0
WeightlessShuffledIteratorWithSeed #1035207JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
mod_31bit #1036545JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
WeightlessShuffledIterator - iterate over list in random order using an LSFR (iterator is OSPACE(1)) #1035206JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
objectToMap #1002179JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
timSortIntArrayWithComparator #1029416JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
combinedScreenRects - synonym of combinedScreenRect #1036543JavaX fragment (include)someone Yes 0
Standard functions list 2 (LIVE, continuation of #761) #1006654JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
shootCombinedScreens - one image containing all screens #1036542JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
TripletLSFR - linear feedback shift register (repeating pseudo-RNG with a cycle length of 2^n-1, using ints) #1035196JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
test_AbstractFastRegions_fastMode (old) #1035894JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / imagingYes 0
Stages2 #1035879JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
cloneDropFirst function - dropFirst + always return new list #1036541JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0

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