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< > BotCompany Repo | #1036120 // PositionCloseOracle - decides when to close a trading position [dev.]

JavaX fragment (include) [tags: use-pretranspiled]

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sclass PositionCloseOracle {
  // The currently open position
  settable TradingPosition position;
  // our loss tolerance (how much of our investment we are
  // prepared to lose in one trade)
  settable double lossTolerancePercent = 10;
  // Set when position should be closed
  settable bool closeSignal;
  // Set when the position is expected to lose money
  settable bool badClose;
  // React to a new ticker value coming in
  void addValue(double price, Timestamp timestamp) {
    // Feed new price to position
    // Bad case - end because too much loss
    if (lossTooBig()) {
    // Good case - end because good run ended (TODO)
  double absoluteLossTolerance() {
    ret lossTolerancePercent()*100*position.margin();
  bool lossTooBig() {
    ret position.expectedPNL() > absoluteLossTolerance();

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Snippet name: PositionCloseOracle - decides when to close a trading position [dev.]
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