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JavaX fragment (include) [tags: use-pretranspiled]

Libraryless. Click here for Pure Java version (9905L/55K).

sclass TradingPosition {
  settable S coin;
  settable bool isLong;
  settable int leverage;
  // How much we originally invest in USDT
  settable double marginInvestment;
  // How much USDT margin we end up with
  settable double margin;
  // How much crypto we bet on
  settable double amount;
  // Is position still open?
  settable bool ongoing;
  settable double openingPrice;
  // closing or current price
  settable double closingPrice;
  settable double openingFees;
  settable double closingFees;
  // Actual price movement during position
  settable TradingCandle candle;
  // Signal we acted on (optional)
  settable TradingSignal afterSignal;
  double openingFeePercentage() {
    ret doubleRatio(openingFees, margin*leverage);
  double priceDifference() {
    ret closingPrice-openingPrice;
  double leveragedPriceDifference() {
    ret priceDifference()*leverage;
  // PNL = Profit & Loss
  double expectedPNL() {
    ret (isLong() ? 1 : -1)*leveragedPriceDifference()*amount;

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