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JavaX fragment (include) [tags: use-pretranspiled]

Libraryless. Click here for Pure Java version (13580L/86K).

(up to date version of the text is on discord)

"Recognition By Compression"


-INPUT DATA - e. g. an image to compress
-It is a SEARCH for the best COMPRESSOR of the INPUT DATA
-a CURRENT BEST COMPRESSED VERSION of the input data [possibly updated when improvements are made]
-a COMPRESSED VERSION of data x is a PIECE OF CODE computing x
-a COMPRESSED LOSSY VERSION of data x is a PIECE OF CODE computing y
     with diff(x, y) small
-SEARCH STRATEGIES (generators of ever improving scored compressed versions for some input data)
-Compression SCORERS (let's say simply by the size of the compressed version; this is for losslesss compressors)
   (LOSSY compressions are difficult to score, TBD)

-SEMANTIC LINKERS that make sense of a compressed version of an image 

sclass RecognitionByCompression_v1 extends Meta {
  interface CompressionRegime<A> {
    byte[] decompressorToBytes(A decompressor);
    A decompressorFromBytes(byte[] compressed);
    byte[] runDecompressor(A a);
    default byte[] decompress(byte[] compressed) {
      ret runDecompressor(decompressorFromBytes(compressed));
  class CompressionRegime_GZEval implements CompressionRegime<S> {
    public byte[] decompressorToBytes(S decompressor) {
      ret gzipBytes(toUtf8(decompressor));
    public S decompressorFromBytes(byte[] compressed) {
      ret fromUtf8(gunzipBytes(compressed));
    public byte[] runDecompressor(S code) {
      ret toByteArray(dm_javaEval(code));
  class CompressorSearch<A> {
    class Submission {
      void setDecompressor(A decompressor) {
        this.decompressor_cache = decompressor;
      simplyCached byte[] compressed() {
        ret decompressor_cache == null ?: regime.decompressorToBytes(decompressor_cache);
      simplyCached A decompressor() {
        ret compressed_cache == null ?: regime.decompressorFromBytes(compressed_cache);
      int compressedSize() { ret l(compressed()); }
      simplyCached double score() {
        ret doubleRatio(inputDataSize(), compressedSize());
      simplyCached Bool correct() {
        ret byteArraysEqual(regime.runDecompressor(decompressor()), inputData);
    CompressionRegime<A> regime;
    byte[] inputData;
    new Best<Submission> best;
    *(CompressionRegime<A> *regime) {}
    *(CompressionRegime<A> *regime, byte[] *inputData) {}
    int inputDataSize() { ret l(inputData); }
    // can submit concurrently!
    void submit(A compression) {
      if (compression == null) ret;
      new Submission s;
      if (s.score() > best.score())
        if (!s.correct())
          warn("Compressor didn't verify");
          best.put(s, s.score());

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