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JavaX fragment (include) [tags: use-pretranspiled]

Libraryless. Click here for Pure Java version (6267L/36K).

svoid test_tok_defaultArguments() {
  forEachLL(s -> print(applyTranspilationFunction tok_defaultArguments(s)),
    "public default void replaceValue(A oldValue, A newValue) {}",
    "static <A> ReturnType method(S arg1, S arg2 default blubb, S arg3) {}",
    "static S method(X a default new X(), S arg2) {}",
    "static S method(L<X> a default new L) {}",
    [[ifdef NoNanoHTTPD static virtual NanoHTTPD.Response serve404(S msg default "Not found") {]],
  testTranspilationFunction tok_defaultArguments(
    "sS hjs(S script, O... _ default (O[]) null) {}",
      "sS hjs(S script) { return hjs(script, (O[]) null); }\n" +
      "sS hjs(S script, O... _) {}",
    "S a aka b(D e, F g default h) { ret i; }",
      "S a aka b(D e) { return a(e, h); }\n" +
      "S a aka b(D e, F g) { ret i; }",
    "S nuLike a aka b(D e, F g default h) { ret i; }",
      "S nuLike a aka b(D e) { return a(e, h); }\n" +
      "S nuLike a aka b(D e, F g) { ret i; }",
    // default methods 
    "default S bla(int i default 5) { ret str(i); }",
      "default S bla() { return bla(5); }\n" +
      "default S bla(int i) { ret str(i); }",
    // abstract methods
    "abstract S bla(int i default 5);",
      "S bla() { return bla(5); }\n" +
      "abstract S bla(int i);",
    // method in an interface
    "S bla(int i default 5);",
      "default S bla() { return bla(5); }\n" +
      "S bla(int i);",

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Began life as a copy of #1027998

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Snippet name: test_tok_defaultArguments
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Author: stefan
Category: javax
Type: JavaX fragment (include)
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Created/modified: 2022-01-15 05:09:32
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