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JavaX fragment (include) [tags: use-pretranspiled]

Libraryless. Click here for Pure Java version (8206L/60K).

scope stefansOS_loadingAnimation.

sbool #fullScreen;
sS #text = "Stefan's OS loading";
sS #animationID = #1101325; //#1101279;

static JFrame stefansOS_loadingAnimation(Runnable onStop) {
  ret stefansOS_loadingAnimation(onStop, null);

static JFrame stefansOS_loadingAnimation(final Runnable onStop, LiveValue<S> lvDetails) {
  if (headless()) null;
  print("[loading animation]");
  final JLabel label = jcenteredlabel(text);
  final JButton stopButton = jbutton(upper("Press space to stop"), r {
    //setText(heldInstance(JButton), "Stopping...");
    setText(label, "STOPPING");
  logMechListAppendLocally("Animations shown", animationID);
  JComponent anim;
    temp tempSetThreadLocal(imageIcon_fixGIF, false);
    anim = jimage(animationID);
  JPanel panel = jBackground(, centerAndSouth(centerAndSouth(
    withMargin(50, anim),
    withMargin(20, 40, 0, 40, setForeground(Color.white, setFont(#1011145, 60, label)))),
    withMargin(0, 20, 20, 20, 
        withBottomMargin(30, setForeground(Color.white, jCenteredLiveValueLabel(lvDetails))),
  if (fullScreen)
    ret showFullScreen(panel);
    ret onWindowClosingOnly(showCenterPackedFrame(text, panel), rClickButton(stopButton));

end scope

Author comment

Began life as a copy of #1015998

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