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< > BotCompany Repo | #1015957 // dm_initErrorHandling - and thread-to-module registration

JavaX fragment (include) [tags: use-pretranspiled]

Libraryless. Click here for Pure Java version (13062L/81K).

scope dm_initErrorHandling.

please include function _registerThread.
please include function _threadInheritInfo.
please include function _threadInfo.
please include function _onAWTEnter.

static new Flag #flag;

svoid dm_initErrorHandling() {
  raiseFlagAndDo(flag, r {
    _handleException_addHandler(lambda1 handler);
    _onRegisterThread = voidfunc(Thread t) {
      O m = dm_current_generic();
      if (m == null) printStackTrace("New thread made outside of a module");
      else if (m cast DynModule) m.ownTimer(t);
    _threadInfo_makers.add(voidfunc(Map map) { mapPut(map, "currentModule", dm_currentModule()) });
    _threadInheritInfo_retrievers.add(voidfunc(Map map) {
      O mod = map.get("currentModule");
      if (mod cast DynModule)
        dm_current_generic_tl().set(new WeakReference(mod));

svoid #handler(Throwable e) {
  DynModule m = dm_currentModule();
  if (m == null)
    print("Weird: Error outside of module");
    m.setField(_error := persistableThrowable(e));

end scope

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Snippet name: dm_initErrorHandling - and thread-to-module registration
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