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< > BotCompany Repo | #1006909 // unstructureInRealm - unstructure in another class loader realm

JavaX fragment (include) [tags: use-pretranspiled]

Transpiled version (6421L) is out of date.

static O unstructureInRealm(S s, fO realm) {
  Class mc = mainClass(realm);
  S mcDollar = mc.getName() + "$";
  printVars unstructureInRealm(+mc, +mcDollar);
  O classFinder = callOpt(mc, "_defaultClasFinder");
  if (classFinder != null)
    print("Using realm's class finder");
  else classFinder = func(S name) {
    S rewrittenName = replacePrefix("main$", mcDollar, name);
    printVars("classFinder in realm: ", +name, +rewrittenName);
    O result = getClass_noConvertName(realm, rewrittenName);
    print("result: " + result);
    ret result;
  // notify module that we are loading (old)
  temp tempSetTL((ThreadLocal) callOpt(mc, 'dynamicObjectIsLoading_threadLocal), true);
  // because this is now global anyway
  temp tempSetTL(dynamicObjectIsLoading_threadLocal(), true);
  ret unstructure(s, false, classFinder);

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Snippet ID: #1006909
Snippet name: unstructureInRealm - unstructure in another class loader realm
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Author: stefan
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Type: JavaX fragment (include)
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Created/modified: 2021-06-30 03:29:44
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