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< > BotCompany Repo | #1003137 // ping - allow pausing all threads & thread-inserted actions

JavaX fragment (include) [tags: use-pretranspiled]

Libraryless. Click here for Pure Java version (7460L/42K).

ifdef PingV3

sbool ping(PingSource source default pingSource()) {
// don't think this is of any use anymore
sbool ping_impl(bool okInCleanUp) { ret ping(); }

//sbool ping_okInCleanUp() { ret ping(); }

// phase this out too!
static volatile bool ping_pauseAll;


// legacy mode
ifndef PingV3

ifdef LeanMode
// you can change this function to allow interrupting long calculations from the outside. just throw a RuntimeException.
sbool ping() { true; }
sbool ping_impl(bool okInCleanUp) { true; }

ifndef LeanMode
//sbool ping_actions_shareable = true;
static volatile bool ping_pauseAll;
static int ping_sleep = 100; // poll pauseAll flag every 100
static volatile bool ping_anyActions;
static Map<Thread, O> ping_actions = newWeakHashMap();
static new ThreadLocal<Bool> ping_isCleanUpThread;

// ignore pingSource if not PingV3
sbool ping(PingSource pingSource) { ret ping(); }

// always returns true
sbool ping() {
  //ifdef useNewPing
  if (ping_pauseAll || ping_anyActions) ping_impl(true /* XXX */);
  //ifndef LeanMode ping_impl(); endifndef

// returns true when it slept
static bool ping_impl(bool okInCleanUp) ctex {
  if (ping_pauseAll && !isAWTThread()) {
    while (ping_pauseAll);
  if (ping_anyActions) { // don't allow sharing ping_actions
    if (!okInCleanUp && !isTrue(ping_isCleanUpThread!))
    O action = null;
    synchronized(ping_actions) {
      if (!ping_actions.isEmpty()) {
        action = ping_actions.get(currentThread());
        if (action instanceof Runnable)
        if (ping_actions.isEmpty()) ping_anyActions = false;
    if (action instanceof Runnable)
      ((Runnable) action).run();
    else if (eq(action, "cancelled"))
      fail("Thread cancelled.");

  ret false;

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1292 stefan TODO: check licensed() here too? 2016-08-20 16:51:37

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Snippet ID: #1003137
Snippet name: ping - allow pausing all threads & thread-inserted actions
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