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< > BotCompany Repo | #1001931 // cleanUp - try to clean up a program/object/class

JavaX fragment (include) [tags: use-pretranspiled]

Libraryless. Click here for Pure Java version (10512L/59K).

sbool cleanUp_interruptThreads; // experimental

static void cleanUp(O c) {
  if (c == null) ret;
  if (c cast AutoCloseable) ret with close_pcall(c);
  if (c cast java.util.Timer) ret with c.cancel();
  if (c cast Collection) { cleanUp(c); ret; }
  if (c cast Map) {
    for (O o : keysList(c)) cleanUp(o);
    for (O o : valuesList(c)) cleanUp(o);
  //if (!(c instanceof Class)) ret;
  pcall {
    // revoke license
    // unpause
    setOpt_raw(c, "ping_pauseAll", false);
    // call custom cleanMeUp() and cleanMeUp_*() functions
    // Java spec says finalize should only be called by GC,
    // but we care to differ.
    // Edit: Not anymore (illegal access warnings)
    /*if (isTrue(vmMap_get('callFinalize)))
      pcallOpt(c, "finalize");*/

    // remove all virtual bots (hope this works)
    L androids = (L) getOpt(c, "record_list");
    for (O android : unnull(androids))
      pcallOpt(android, "dispose"); // heck we'll dispose anything

    // sub-cleanup
    L<WeakReference> classes = cast getOpt(c, "hotwire_classes");
    if (classes != null)
      for (WeakReference cc : classes) pcall {
    // interrupt all threads (experimental, they might be doing cleanup?)
    if (cleanUp_interruptThreads) {
      L<Thread> threads = registeredThreads(c);
      if (nempty(threads)) {
        print("cleanUp: Interrupting " + n2(threads, "thread") + ": " + joinWithComma(allToString(threads)));
  setOpt_raw(c, cleaningUp_flag := false);
  if (c instanceof Class && ((Class) c).getName().equals("main"))
    retireClassLoader(((Class) c).getClassLoader());

static void cleanUp(Collection l) {
  if (l == null) ret;
  for (O c : l)

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Snippet ID: #1001931
Snippet name: cleanUp - try to clean up a program/object/class
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