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Title ID Type Uploaded by Category Public Comments Actions
jfind_check - jfind with quick-check for existence of key token in indexed list #1024894JavaX source code (desktop)stefan javax / chess ocrYes 0
isIndexedList #1025529JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
gazelle_userID_long #1025528JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / gazelleYes 0
jda_getUserByID #1025527JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / a.i.Yes 0
jda_amInGuild #1025526JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / a.i.Yes 0
theSwampGuildID #1025525JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / discordYes 0
swarmAIGuildID #1025524JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / discordYes 0
gazelle_guildID - guild ID of current msg #1025523JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
nMethods #1025522JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
The AI Can v2 [dev.] #1025521JavaX source code (Dynamic Module)stefan javax / a.i.Yes 0
tok_standardBot1 #1025520JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / transpilingYes 0
tok_standardBot - use tok_standardBot1 instead #1025378JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / transpilingYes 0
TokenIndexedList2 [OK but usually not fast. use TokenIndexedList3 instead] #1025481JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / image analysisYes 0
Benchmark & Profile Transpiler #1025501JavaX source code (desktop)stefan javax / transpilingYes 0
TokenIndexedList3 [using treeset in index, needs more optimized functions] #1025510JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / image analysisYes 0
test_IContentsIndexedList #1025519JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
test_TokenIndexedList3 #1025511JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
IContentsIndexedList #1025515JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
findFunctionDefs (finds static functions, LIVE in #759) #1004051JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 1
indicesOf #1025514JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
toIntArray #1004992JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
emptyIntArray #1025518JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
indicesOf_array #1025517JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
intArrayToList (makes an ArrayList) #1025516JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
indexesOf - synonym of indicesOf #1004477JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
tok_replaceColonEqualsSyntax #1023741JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
Bench TokenIndexedList3 #1025512JavaX source code (desktop)stefan javaxYes 0
tokenIndexedList3 - convert List to TokenIndexedList3 if necessary #1025513JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
New JavaX Homepage [LIVE at javax.botcompany.de] #1020398JavaX module (desktop)stefan javax / htmlYes 0
Bench TokenIndexedList2 #1025508JavaX source code (desktop)stefan javaxYes 0
oneMillion #1025509JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
replaceTokens (no reTok) #1003369JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
test_TokenIndexedList2 #1025507JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
test_List_2 - more tests for a list (called by test_List) #1025485JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
tokenIndexedList2 - convert List to TokenIndexedList2 if necessary #1025506JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
ifclass test #1025505JavaX source code (desktop)stefan javaxYes 0
rfindCodeTokens - scan from end, returns C index #1006801JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
rjfind - find last occurrence, returns C index #1006800JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
minusLinesContaining #1025504JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
defaultTranslate #1001828JavaX fragment (include)stefan Yes 0
x30.java (JavaX) #1001638JavaX module (desktop)stefan javaxYes 0
replaceKeywordPlusQuotedOrIDBlock #1025503JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
done2_always - print elapsed time (expects parameter taken from sysNow()) #1007947JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
maximizeFrame - better in non-AWT thread (so it can wait for the maximization) #1003516JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / guiYes 0
maximizeConsole #1025502JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / guiYes 0
includeInMainLoaded_stdReTok - synonym of includeInMainLoaded #1010090JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
The AI Should [LIVE] #1025493JavaX source code (Dynamic Module)stefan javax / a.i.Yes 0
discord_prependGlobalID #1025500JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / a.i.Yes 0
HasGlobalID #1025406JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / transpilingYes 0
The AI Can [dev.] #1025499JavaX source code (Dynamic Module)stefan javax / a.i.Yes 0

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