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Title ID Type Uploaded by Category Public Comments Actions
vmBus_onMessage #1018419JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / vmYes 0
Transpiler [Helper Dyn Module] #1017065JavaX source code (Dynamic Module)stefan javax / stefan's osYes 0
myLibraryFiles [includes main program] #1010565JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
Follow Skype bot log & post all lines to Gazelle BEA #1030893JavaX source code (Dynamic Module)stefan javaxYes 0
Gazelle BEA [new class naming scheme, dev.] #1031397JavaX source code (Dynamic Module)stefan javaxYes 0
parseLongOr0 - synonym of parseLong #1031396JavaX fragment (include)stefan Yes 0
firstLong_regexp #1031395JavaX fragment (include)stefan Yes 0
filesFromClassLoader #1031286JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / byte codeYes 0
filesFromClassLoader_new - now usually returns a set #1031394JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / byte codeYes 0
JavaXClassLoader (LIVE) #1004665JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
Test myClasses & loadMyClasses #1008503JavaX source codestefan javaxYes 0
Eleu with CRUD by domain [OK] #1029618JavaX source code (Dynamic Module)stefan javaxYes 0
DynEleu [web server as module] #1029543JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
HTTP+HTTPS Server Include for DynModules [WebSocket version] #1029492JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
dm_isFirstSiblingModule - uses some arbitrary sorting (currently by module ID) #1029574JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / stefan's osYes 0
Compact Module Include for Gazelle BEA #1030953JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / stefan's osYes 0
dm_assertFirstSibling - fails if we are not the first sibling for this module lib ID #1029575JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / stefan's osYes 0
shortDynClassNameForStructure #1031392JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
structure function (v19, storing class relationships, LIVE) #1030944JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
unstructure (v17, with base classes, LIVE) #1030946JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
test_unstructureMissingClassToBaseClass (OK) #1030942JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
Dynamically loaded BEAObject Prelude #1031282JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
dynamicObjectIsLoading_threadLocal #1028441JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
dm_addByteCodePathToModuleClassLoader (jar or directory) #1031281JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
transitiveHull - synonym of transitiveHullOfFunction #1031391JavaX fragment (include)stefan Yes 0
iiBrightness - synonym of ii_averageBrightnessOfArea #1031390JavaX fragment (include)stefan Yes 0
ii_averageBrightnessOfArea #1025228JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / ocrYes 0
ii_brightness - synonym of ii_averageBrightnessOfArea #1031389JavaX fragment (include)stefan Yes 0
iiRect - synonym of ii_rect #1031388JavaX fragment (include)stefan Yes 0
iiWiggle #1031387JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / ocrYes 0
rgbBrightness #1031386JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
HCRUD - CRUD in HTML with pluggable data handler #1026001JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / htmlYes 0
HCRUD_Data #1026000JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / htmlYes 0
withTimestamp #1027535JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
cCall - synonym of ccall #1031385JavaX fragment (include)stefan Yes 0
cloneSet - safely clone a set, try to match original type #1005270JavaX fragment (include)stefan Yes 0
greenDotsOnWhiteImage #1031384JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / imagingYes 0
Loadable Utils for Gazelle BEA [LIVE] #1030952JavaX module (desktop)stefan javaxYes 0
ii_scanGrid #1025258JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / image recognitionYes 0
dm_moduleClassLoader #1031383JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
scorePtDistances #1031382JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
assignEachPointToClosestNeighbor #1031381JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
Scorer - keeps score & total #1012214JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
lowestAccordingTo - get lowest element of list according to a score function #1006791JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
addBufferedImages_minus50 #1031380JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / imagingYes 0
rgb - takes "aabbcc" or "#aabbcc" (upper or lower case) #1015465JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
addBufferedImagesPixelByPixel_minus50 #1031379JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / imagingYes 0
addBufferedImagesPixelByPixel #1031374JavaX fragment (include)stefan javax / imagingYes 0
nEntries #1023467JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0
nPoints #1031378JavaX fragment (include)stefan javaxYes 0

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