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Lua code

-- variable input: search term
-- variable snippets: array with all snippets (as delivered by
-- returns: array of matching snippets
--   best matches first (well, smarter search engines would do that)
-- if we also get the snippet texts, we will match those too.
-- but that is a lot of data...

found = {}
foundLevelTwo = {}

input = input:lower()
for _, s in ipairs(snippets.snippets) do
  if, 1, true) or == input or ("#" == input then
    table.insert(found, s)
  elseif s.text and s.text:lower():find(input, 1, true) then
    table.insert(foundLevelTwo, s)

-- merge two lists
for _, s in ipairs(foundLevelTwo) do table.insert(found, s) end

-- return
return found

Author comment

TODO: changes case of snippet names according to input (wtf?)

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