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package ai.d.ai01;

import drjava.util.GUIUtil;
import drjava.util.StringUtil;
import prophecy.common.gui.ProphecyFrame;
import structcom.sc03.ParserMatch;
import structcom.sc03.StdGrammar;

import javax.swing.*;
import java.util.HashMap;
import java.util.List;
import java.util.Map;

public class ApplicationManagerRunner {
  private static Map<String, Object> objects = new HashMap<String, Object>();

  public static void main(String[] args) {
    String def = "a table of applications.\n" +
      "a window with the table in it.\n" +
      "the window is called \"Application Manager\".\n";
    List<String> lines = toLines(def);
    for (String line : lines) {
      // Note: this might mismatch on "a tablecloth" etc., but we don't have that in the target language, so it's ok.
      if (StdGrammar.matchesFull("\"a table\" optspace rest@any", line)) {
        store("table", new JScrollPane(new DummyTable()));
        System.out.println("table made");

      if (StdGrammar.matchesFull("\"a window.\"", line)) {
        store("window", new ProphecyFrame());
        System.out.println("window made");

      ParserMatch match = StdGrammar.matchFullSilent("\"a window with the \" thing@word \" in it.\"", line);
      if (match != null) {
        String thing = match.getLabeledString("thing");
        JComponent component = (JComponent) objects.get(thing);
        ProphecyFrame window = new ProphecyFrame();
        store("window", window);
        System.out.println("window made with " + component);

      match = StdGrammar.matchFullSilent("\"the window is called\" space name@stringlit \".\"", line);
      if (match != null) {
        ProphecyFrame window = (ProphecyFrame) objects.get("window");
        String name = StdGrammar.unquote(match.getLabeledString("name"));
        System.out.println("window is now labeled: " + name);

      throw new RuntimeException("huch: " + line);

    ProphecyFrame window = (ProphecyFrame) objects.get("window");
    if (window != null)
      System.out.println("No window defined, exiting...");

  private static void store(String name, Object object) {
    objects.put(name, object);

  private static List<String> toLines(String def) {
    return StringUtil.toLines(def);

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A Java class. Works. (Well, the table has dummy contents.) See

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