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JavaX fragment (include) [tags: use-pretranspiled]

Libraryless. Click here for Pure Java version (5429L/33K).

static LongRange parseEnglishDateRange(S s, DateInterpretationConfig config) {
  delegate Day to DateStructures.
  delegate Month to DateStructures.
  delegate Year to DateStructures.
  delegate Hour to DateStructures.
  delegate SomeDate to DateStructures.
  new EnglishDateParser parser;
  L<SomeDate> dates = getVars(parser.topDogs(s));
  if (empty(dates)) null;
  LongRange first = dateStructureToTimestampRange(first(dates), config);
  // check for combination of date & time, e.g. "tuesday between 1 and 2 pm"
  if (l(dates) == 2
    //&& first(dates) instanceof Day
    && !DateStructures.containsDateDates(second(dates))
    && DateStructures.containsTimes(second(dates))) {
    //Day day = cast first(dates);
    Day day = new Day(dayOfMonth(first.start), new Month(month(first.start), new Year(year(first.start))));
    SomeDate combined = cast defaultMetaTransformer().transform(o -> {
      //print("Visiting " + o);
      if (o cast Hour) ret cloneSetAll(o, +day);
    }, second(dates));
    ret dateStructureToTimestampRange(combined, config);
  // just combine all the dates found
  ret joinLongRanges(map(d -> dateStructureToTimestampRange(d, config), dates));

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