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< > BotCompany Repo | #1028008 - Cool NLP Shopping List [dev.]

JavaX source code (Dynamic Module) [tags: use-pretranspiled] - run with: Stefan's OS

Uses 911K of libraries. Click here for Pure Java version (7877L/41K).


cmodule ShoppingList > DynPrintLog {
  transient S input = [[
    okay shopping list
    buy bananas
    at least three
    I have to be cheap
    they have to be cheap
    buy potatoes
    also get some milk
    hold on I have a phone call
    hey Mom
    yes mam
    it's all good
    by Mom
    okay I'm back
    where were we
    buy some chicken
    or maybe no chicken
    okay that's all
  transient S rules = [[
    sentence => "(first/then/also/) we (will/) need (some/) <stuff>" => buy $1
    sentence => "(first/then/also/) (buy/get/you should get) (some/) <stuff>" => buy $1
    sentence => "they have to be <quality>" => last item has to be $1
    sentence => "at least <quantity>" => last item quantity at least $1
    sentence => "or (maybe/rather/) no <stuff>" => don't buy $1 after all

  LS intermediate; // intermediate result (buy X, ...)

  start-thread {
    new RecursiveProbabilisticParser1 parser;
    parser.splitIntoSentences = lambda1 tlft;

    setField(intermediate := recursiveProbabilisticParse(rules, "sentence", input, +parser));
    pnlWithHeading("Intermediate result", intermediate);

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