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JavaX (incomplete)

S input = "Bob paid for Charlie's college education. He is very [generous/grateful]. Who is [generous/grateful]?";
S multiStage = dm_showNewModule("#1027106/MultiStageProcessing");

// Stage 1: take first option out of square brackets
S input2 = winograd_takeFirstOption(input);
dm_call(multiStage, 'addStage, "Take first option", input2);

// Stage 1b: Split off 's
S input2b = ai_splitOffApostropheS(input);
dm_call(multiStage, 'addStage, "Split off 's", input2b);

// Stage 2: Split into sentences
LS sentences = sentences(input2b);
dm_call(multiStage, 'addStage, "Split into sentences", sentences);

// Stage 2b: Apply patterns to sentences
S parser = dm_makeModule("#1027108/TopDownParsing");
L<virtual TryPatterns> parsed = map(sentences, s -> dm_call(parser, 'parse, s));
dm_call(multiStage, 'addStage, "Apply patterns", parsed);

// Stage 2c: Ask user questions to check validity of assumptions

// Stage 3: Find strong words in input
// [Stage 3: Identify actors in input (people or things)]

// Stage 4: Find a useful scenario in DB

// Stage 5: Map scenario to input

// Stage 6: Identify and answer question

//dm_showListWithFeedback(func -> LS { sentences(input) }, info := litorderedmap(+input));

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