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< > BotCompany Repo | #1020001 - Set Preferred Way Of Shutting Off Computer [Shutdown Method] - or do it now

JavaX source code (Dynamic Module) [tags: use-pretranspiled] - run with: Stefan's OS

Uses 843K of libraries. Click here for Pure Java version (9411L/50K).


cmodule PreferredShutDownMethod {
  transient LS entries = ll("Power Off", "Suspend to RAM", "Suspend to disk", "Never shut down");
  visualize {
    ButtonGroup buttons = jUnselectedRadioButtons(entries);
    selectRadioButton(buttons, indexOfIC(entries, trim(loadTextFile(preferredShutDownMethodFile()))));
    onRadioButtonChange(buttons, voidfunc(int i) {
      S method = _get(entries, i);
      saveTextFile(preferredShutDownMethodFile(), method);
      infoBox("Preferred shutdown method changed to: " + method);
    ret centerAndSouthWithMargins(jSection("PREFERRED WAY", jfullcenter(vstackWithSpacing(buttonsInGroup(buttons)))),
        jbutton("Do it now", rThread doPreferredComputerShutDown),
        jPopDownButton("Do something else once",
          position := 'center,
          "Power Off", rThread cleanPowerOff,
          "Reboot", rThread cleanReboot,
          "Suspend to RAM", rThread suspendToRAM,
          "Suspend to disk", rThread suspendToDisk,
          "Log out", rThread os_logOut)));

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Snippet name: Set Preferred Way Of Shutting Off Computer [Shutdown Method] - or do it now
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