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< > BotCompany Repo | #1016095 - FullScreen Module [Put Stefan's OS in fullscreen]

JavaX source code (Dynamic Module) [tags: use-pretranspiled] - run with: Stefan's OS

Uses 911K of libraries. Click here for Pure Java version (6557L/35K).


cmodule FullScreen {
  transient JButton btn;
  visual btn = jbutton("Full-Screen On/Off", r switchIt);

  void switchIt enter {
    JDesktopPane desktop = dm_desktopPane();
    if (desktop == null) ret;
    Window w = getWindow(desktop);
    if (!isFullScreen(desktop)) {
      showFullScreen(frameTitle(desktop), desktop);
      pcall { frameIcon((S) dm_getOS('mainIconID), desktop); }
    } else {
    // Allow closing empty "zombie" windows (why do we have these?)
    final JFrame f = getFrame(desktop);
    onFrameClosing(f, r {
      if (isEmptyFrame(f)) disposeWindow(f);

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Snippet ID: #1016095
Snippet name: FullScreen Module [Put Stefan's OS in fullscreen]
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Author: stefan
Category: javax / gui
Type: JavaX source code (Dynamic Module)
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Created/modified: 2020-02-10 18:00:41
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