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< > BotCompany Repo | #1014595 - flatInfoBox - show flat info message in top-left corner

JavaX fragment (include)

static bool flatInfoBox_alwaysOnTop = true;
static double flatInfoBox_defaultTime = 2.0;
static int flatInfoBox_x = 28, flatInfoBox_y = 5;

// automatically switches to AWT thread for you
static JWindow flatInfoBox(S text) {
  ret flatInfoBox(text, flatInfoBox_defaultTime);

static JWindow flatInfoBox(final S text, final double seconds) {
  if (empty(text)) null;
  ret flatInfoBox_noprint(text, seconds);

static JWindow flatInfoBox_noprint(S text) {
  ret flatInfoBox_noprint(text, flatInfoBox_defaultTime);

static JWindow flatInfoBox_noprint(final S text, final double seconds) {
  if (empty(text)) null;
  logQuotedWithDate(infoBoxesLogFile(), text); 
  if (isHeadless()) null;
  ret (JWindow) swingAndWait(func {
    final JWindow window = makeUnimportantWindow(flatInfoBox_makePanel(text));
    window.setBounds(flatInfoBox_x, flatInfoBox_y, 300, window.getHeight());
    if (flatInfoBox_alwaysOnTop)
    disposeWindowAfter(iround(seconds*1000), window);
    ret window;

static JWindow flatInfoBox(Throwable e) {
  ret flatInfoBox(exceptionToStringShort(e));

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Began life as a copy of #1006245

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Snippet ID: #1014595
Snippet name: flatInfoBox - show flat info message in top-left corner
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