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JavaX fragment (include) [tags: use-pretranspiled]

Libraryless. Click here for Pure Java version (3375L/22K).

static void standardTitlePopupMenu(final JFrame frame) {
  // standard right-click behavior on titles
  if (!isSubstanceLAF()) ret;
  titlePopupMenu(frame, voidfunc(JPopupMenu menu) {
    bool alwaysOnTop = frame.isAlwaysOnTop();
    ifndef standardTitlePopupMenu_noProgramFunctions
      menu.add(jmenuItem("Restart Program", f restart));
      menu.add(jmenuItem("Duplicate Program", f duplicateThisProgram));
    menu.add(jmenuItem("Show Console", f showConsole));
    menu.add(jCheckBoxMenuItem("Always On Top", alwaysOnTop, r { toggleAlwaysOnTop(frame) }));
    /*ifndef standardTitlePopupMenu_noShootWindow
      { menu.add(jMenuItem("Shoot Window", r { shootWindowGUI_external(frame, 500) })); }
    //addMenuItem(menu, "Bigger fonts", f swingBiggerFonts);
    //addMenuItem(menu, "Smaller fonts", f swingSmallerFonts);

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