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< > BotCompany Repo | #1005583 // getOpt_cached (optimized version of getOpt)

JavaX fragment (include) [tags: use-pretranspiled]

Libraryless. Click here for Pure Java version (7473L/42K).

//static final Map<Class, HashMap<S, Field>> getOpt_cache = newDangerousWeakHashMap(f getOpt_special_init);

sclass getOpt_Map extends WeakHashMap {
  *() {
    if (getOpt_special == null) getOpt_special = new HashMap;
  public void clear() {
    //print("getOpt clear");
    put(Class.class, getOpt_special);
    put(S.class, getOpt_special);

static final Map<Class, HashMap<S, Field>> getOpt_cache = 
  ifdef AssumeNoClassUnloading
  ifndef AssumeNoClassUnloading
    _registerDangerousWeakMap(synchroMap(new getOpt_Map));
static HashMap getOpt_special; // just a marker

/*static void getOpt_special_init(Map map) {
  map.put(Class.class, getOpt_special);
  map.put(S.class, getOpt_special);

static Map<S, Field> getOpt_getFieldMap(O o) {
  Class c = _getClass(o);
  HashMap<S, Field> map = getOpt_cache.get(c);
  if (map == null)
    map = getOpt_makeCache(c);
  ret map;

static Object getOpt_cached(Object o, String field) ctex {
  if (o == null) ret null;

  Map<S, Field> map = getOpt_getFieldMap(o);

  if (map == getOpt_special) {
    if (o instanceof Class)
      return getOpt((Class) o, field);
    /*if (o instanceof S)
      ret getOpt(getBot((S) o), field);*/
    if (o instanceof Map)
      ret ((Map) o).get(field);
  Field f = map.get(field);
  if (f != null) ret f.get(o);
  ifclass DynamicObject
    if (o instanceof DynamicObject)
      ret syncMapGet2(((DynamicObject) o).fieldValues, field);
  ret null;

// used internally - we are in synchronized block
static HashMap<S, Field> getOpt_makeCache(Class c) {
  HashMap<S, Field> map;
  if (isSubtypeOf(c, Map.class))
    map = getOpt_special;
  else {
    map = new HashMap;
    if (!reflection_classesNotToScan().contains(c.getName())) {
      Class _c = c;
      do {
        for (Field f : _c.getDeclaredFields()) {
          S name = f.getName();
          if (!map.containsKey(name))
            map.put(name, f);
        _c = _c.getSuperclass();
      } while (_c != null);
  if (getOpt_cache != null) getOpt_cache.put(c, map);
  ret map;

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Began life as a copy of #1001101

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