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< > BotCompany Repo | #1004997 - Identifying Persons AI [dev.]

JavaX source code [tags: use-pretranspiled] - run with: x30.jar

Uses 13052K of libraries. Click here for Pure Java version (6995L/48K/157K).



!include #1004972 // Text AI Include

// application-specific interpretations
sconcept NewPerson extends Interpretation {}

sconcept PersonIs extends Interpretation {
  S x; // text of what person is
  new Ref concept; // optional concept for x
  bool neg; // neg = person is not that thing

sconcept PictureIs extends Interpretation {
  S imageID;
  bool neg; // neg = person is not on the picture

sconcept ThatsTheOne extends Interpretation {}
sconcept ThatsNotTheOne extends Interpretation {}

// application database

sconcept Person {
  bool current;
  new RefL<Interpretation> guesses;

static Person person;

static Map<Class, S> initialLines() {
  ret lithashmap(
    Hello.class, "Hello AI!",
    Praise.class, "Nicely done, AI.",
    NotForMe.class, "[Statement not meant for me]",
    Unclear.class, "[Unclear statement]",
    ByeBye.class, "Bye AI!",
    NewPerson.class, "Let's discuss another person.",
    ThatsTheOne.class, "That's the one!",
    ThatsNotTheOne.class, "No, that's not the one.");

static ImageSurface imageSurface;
static S dbName = "Identify Persons DB.";

p-substance {
  concepts_quietSave = true;
  print("Lines: " + l(conceptsOfType("Line")));
  makeBot("Identify Persons.");
  methodsBot(dbName, listPlus(
    exposedDBMethods, "xfindLine"));
  print("AI ready to rock. Go \"Admin\" to see my commands.");

static S answerInterpreted(S s, Interpretation ip) {
  if (ip instanceof Praise) ret kevin("Thank you :)");
  if (ip instanceof Hello) ret kevin("Hello! :)");
  if (ip instanceof ByeBye) {
    kevin("Bye user! :)");
  if (ip instanceof NotForMe) ret kevin("Talk to the hand");
  if (ip instanceof Unclear) ret "[Unclear statement]";

svoid admin {
  thread "Admin" {
    O o = hotwire("#1004926");
    set(o, "dbName", dbName);
    set(o, "interpretations", splitAtSpace(
      "Praise NotForMe Hello ByeBye Unclear NewPerson ThatsTheOne ThatsNotTheOne"));

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Began life as a copy of #1004973

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