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< > BotCompany Repo | #1003121 - makeDependent - register class for for cleanup and copy local_log

JavaX fragment (include)

please include function ping.

sO makeDependent_postProcess;

static void makeDependent(O c) {
  if (c == null) ret;
  assertTrue("Not a class", c instanceof Class);
  dependentClasses(); // cleans up the list
  hotwire_classes.add(new WeakReference(c));
  O local_log = getOpt(mc(), "local_log");
  if (local_log != null)
    setOpt(c, +local_log);
  /*if (isTrue(getOpt(c, 'ping_actions_shareable)))
    setOpt(c, +ping_actions);*/
  O print_byThread = getOpt(mc(), "print_byThread");
  if (print_byThread != null)
    setOpt(c, +print_byThread);
  callF(makeDependent_postProcess, c);

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Began life as a copy of #1002921

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Snippet name: makeDependent - register class for for cleanup and copy local_log
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