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< > BotCompany Repo | #1002453 - findEndOfStatement (broken version, use tok_findEndOfStatement instead)

JavaX fragment (include)

// It's rough but should work if you don't make anonymous classes inside the statement or something...
// Also won't work with "for"
// Return value is index of semicolon/curly brace+1
static int findEndOfStatement(L<S> tok, int i) {
  int j = i;
  // Is it a block?
  if (eq(get(tok, i), "{"))
    ret findEndOfBlock(tok, i)+1;
  // It's a regular statement.
  int n = l(tok);
  S t;
  while (j < n && !";".equals(t = tok.get(j)))
    if ("{".equals(t))
      j = findEndOfBlock(tok, j)+1;
      j += 2;
  ret j+1;

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Began life as a copy of #1001046

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Snippet ID: #1002453
Snippet name: findEndOfStatement (broken version, use tok_findEndOfStatement instead)
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