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JavaX fragment (include)

// o is either a map already (string->object) or an arbitrary object,
// in which case its fields are converted into a map.
static Map<S, O> objectToMap(O o) ctex {
  if (o instanceof Map) ret (Map) o;
  new TreeMap<S, O> map;
  Class c = o.getClass();
  while (c != Object.class) {
    Field[] fields = c.getDeclaredFields();
    for (final Field field : fields) {
      if ((field.getModifiers() & Modifier.STATIC) != 0)
      final Object value = field.get(o);
      if (value != null)
        map.put(field.getName(), value);
    c = c.getSuperclass();
  // XXX NEW - hopefully this doesn't break anything
  if (o instanceof DynamicObject)

  ret map;

// same for a collection (convert each element)
static L<Map<S, O>> objectToMap(Iterable l) {
  if (l == null) null;
  new L x;
  for (O o : l)
  ret x;

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