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A "snippet" is the central concept.

A snippet has an "ID".
The ID is short (10 characters max).
The ID consists of a hash sign followed by an integer.
A snippet's ID never changes.

A snippet is usually identified by its ID.

A snippet has a "title".
The title is a one-line string of reasonable size (maybe 1000 characters max).
A snippet's title may change.

A snippet has a "text".
The text is a string (potentially long).
A snippet's text may change.

A snippet has an "md5".
An md5 is a one-line string.
A snippet's md5 may change.

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Snippet ID: #1001240
Snippet name: Concept (Snippet Cache)
Eternal ID of this version: #1001240/1
Text MD5: 0e4f8dbc37971590602aa588c72bc55f
Author: stefan
Category: javax
Type: Document
Public (visible to everyone): Yes
Archived (hidden from active list): No
Created/modified: 2015-10-05 17:39:29
Source code size: 558 bytes / 20 lines
Pitched / IR pitched: No / Yes
Views / Downloads: 427 / 85
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