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JavaX fragment (include)

// compile JavaX source and load main class
static Class<?> compileAndLoadMainClass(String src) ctex {
  O javax = getJavaX();
  File srcDir = cast call(javax, "TempDirMaker_make");
  File classesDir = cast call(javax, "TempDirMaker_make");
  saveTextFile(new File(srcDir, ""), src);
  new List<File> libraries;
  set(javax, "safeTranslate", true);
  File transpiledDir = cast call(javax, "topLevelTranslate", srcDir, libraries);
  String javacOutput = cast call(javax, "compileJava", transpiledDir, libraries, classesDir);
  URL[] urls = {classesDir.toURI().toURL()};
  // make class loader
  URLClassLoader classLoader = new URLClassLoader(urls);

  // load main class
  Class<?> mainClass = classLoader.loadClass("main");
  return mainClass;

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