Wrote /root/JavaX-Caches/tmp_2054318964/main.java - 47 bytes (written=47, should be 47) javac=0, ecj=1 Checking ECJ at port 4898 at ecj -source 1.8 -target 1.8 -nowarn -encoding utf8 -Xdiags:verbose -cp /root/.javax/x30.jar:/root/dexcompiler/android.jar:/root/dexcompiler/support-v4-22.2.1.jar:/root/javafx/javafx.base.jar:/root/javafx/javafx.graphics.jar:/root/javafx/javafx.swing.jar -d /root/JavaX-Caches/tmp_371845651 /root/JavaX-Caches/tmp_2054318964/main.java [Compilation Error]

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main$JavaCompileException: ECJ returned errors. ---------- 1. ERROR in /root/JavaX-Caches/tmp_2054318964/main.java (at line 1) static interface IVF1<A> { ^^^^ Illegal modifier for the interface IVF1; only public & abstract are permitted ---------- 1 problem (1 error) Options file: /tmp/javax12515671164792352797